N.V. Verenigde Surinaamse Holdingmij.-/United Suriname Holding Company (VSH United) is currently operating in several countries including Suriname, the United States of America, Guyana and the Netherlands. The path to becoming one of the largest companies in Suriname, has a long history of entrepreneurship, cooperation and trust.
It all started in the year 1958, when discussions took place between L.E. Th Th Tjin A Djie and James J. Healy and at at a later stage A.W. Brakke and A. Hedges Abrahams, to establish an import and export company in Suriname. Since many of the participants were already shareholders in Rudy's Delicatessen N.V., it was decided to use this corporation to achieve the intended goal. The articles of incorporation were revised and the name changed to N.V. Verenigde Surinaamse Handelmij. /United Suriname Trading Company. Under the inspiring leadership of James J. Healy the new company set off to secure a prominent position in the Suriname market in trading, shipping, real estate, industry and investment.
VSH History