The engine in different sectors
About Us
VSH United the dependable engine in varying business branches: Trading, Shipping & Transport, Steel Construction, Foods, Real Estate, Investment and Detergents. Through associated companies, VSH UNITED is also involved in the insurance and hotel business.
We are operating in 4 countries: Suriname (headquarters), Guyana, the United States of America and the Netherlands.

The headquarters in Paramaribo, Suriname provide the strategy, the financial and administrative services and acts as a legal and human resource counsel for all the 14 subsidiaries, which are independent operation companies.

Our daily operations for all our companies are guided by our core values:
Our Core Values
VSH United is built on
Your Success is our desire
VSH United focuses on long-term and fruitful relationships with mutual benefits for both sides. That is why we do not focus on selling. Instead we focus on helping customers, partners and shareholders build their sustainable success. Our customers, partners and shareholders are part of the VSH ‘family’ for long-term and ever growing relations.
Trust in our relationships and personally responsible for all our actions
Even though VSH United is a big company, we stand for customized service. The relationship with our customers, partners and shareholders is a personal one because this is how we create trust, an important aim in our business activities. By having one-on-one relations, we produdly carry the responsibility for our individual actions.
Creating a better company for a better world
With a greater focus on social and planetary responsibilities and how our actions today impact those around us, now and in the future, we are continuously working to improve health-, environmental- and social funding policies.
Creating a better world for others, starts by ourselves, with ethic corporate governance in our VSH- companies.
The story of VSH over the years
In 1958 Jim Healy and Leo Tjin a Djie Founded the first company that ultimately led to become VSH
Toeti Froeti Bar and Grill
Head office – van ‘t Hogerhuysstraat 9-11 Since 15 November 1973
Opening Steel Fabricating (VSH STEEL) plant 15 May 1982
31 August 1990 Purchase of substantial shareholding in De Nationale and Hotel Torarica major companies in the insurance and hotel sectors
First Export order of the Steel Company (VSH STEEL) to French Guiana
7 August 1998 - The Company increases its shareholding in Consolidated Industries Corporation, a household detergent manufacturer, to 42%.
CIC first export to the Caribbean
September 2000 we are able to purchase a block of shares in Margarine- en Vettenfabriek N.V. (VSH FOODS)
October 2001 VSH-United (USA) L.L.C. commences operations in Miami, Florida offering air- and ocean freight services in Suriname
December 2002 Margarine- en Vettenfabriek (VSH Foods) received first export order to Curacao.
06 November 2015 official opening of the new subsidiary VSH-United (Guyana) Inc in Georgetown, Guyana.
01 December 2017 VSH-United (Nederland) BV is founded.
01 January 2018 VSH-United (Nederland) purchases 51% of IFC Holding BV in the Netherlands.
Management Directors of the Holding
The holding is managed by a Management Team consisting of a CEO, CLO and CFO. Monitoring of the Management-performance in relation to goal sets and advisory of the management team on relevant matters, is done by a Supervisory Board of Directors.
P. Healy
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
M. Ramsundersingh
Chief Legal Officer (CLO)
P. Brahim
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
“On behalf of the VSH United family, I wish to take this precious moment of thanking and appreciating our Customers, Partners and Shareholders for the trust in VSH, since the year 1958. ”
Patrick Healy | CEO
Supervisory Board of Directors
Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board of Directors performed its duties in accordance with Suriname law, the Company’s bylaws and Corporate Governance Code. We advised management on relevant matters and monitored management performance in relation to goals set. Management of the Holding and the subsidiaries regularly informed us, both verbally and in writing, on policy and material aspects of business strategy, corporate planning, major events, investments and transactions.

Besides information of the company and the group as a whole, we also received a detailed monthly report from Management on the current business position of the Group’s subsidiaries while we were kept abreast of results and the financial position, risks and risk management, HR and IT performance and planning in a thorough manner. The Supervisory Board of Directors was directly involved in all decisions of fundamental importance to the Group. In addition, we discussed strategic issues with Management on a regular basis while the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and the Managing Directors maintained a constant exchange of information.
R, Hahn, S. Smit, D. Halfhide, K. Lim A Po, James J. Healy Jr
Corporate Governance
N.V. VERENIGDE SURINAAMSE HOLDINGMIJ./ UNITED SURINAME HOLDING COMPANY have adopted a Corporate Governance Code in January 2010. This was the outcome of an initiative by the Supervisory Board to implement a governance structure which clearly defines responsibility and authority of the supervisory and executive functions including a frame work for appraising the performance of VSH United.

The objective of the governance code is to improve the performance of the Managing Director, The Supervisory Board and the VSH United Group as whole. Our External auditor Luthman & Co were contracted to guide the development of the Governance Governance Code.
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