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VSH UNITED gives opportunities that can unlock your full potential and help you turn a job into a career.
Our employees are hard workers and strategic do-ers whose imaginations drive our company forward. We encourage our team to always strive for better and challenge each other so that we can all learn and grow together. Commitment, trust and motivation is our recipe for succes
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No available careers at the moment

Open Applications
We are always in search of talented and motivated people that can help grow our company. If you would like to be considered for a position that matches your interest, you can submit your open application.
Why people love working for VSH
“VSH Trading is a well organised company which I enjoy working for!”
Tarique Boedhoe, Senior Warehouse Staff – VSH Trading
Why people love working for VSH
“Dynamic work environment with opportunities for growth”
Salista Todikromo, Sales Representative, VSH Trading
“Every day we work hard to achieve bigger and better results. We are proud to say we are on the international map now. Nothing stops us from dreaming beyond what’s possible”
M. Ramsundersingh | CLO
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