P. Healy, CEO
Celebrating our 60 years anniversary in 2018
It is with pride that I welcome you to the corporate website of VSH United Group of Companies and our 14 subsidiaries. On behalf of the VSH United family, I wish to give thanks and show appreciation to our Customers, Partners and Shareholders for the continuing trust put into VSH since its inception in 1958. The road to become one of Suriname’s largest Group of Companies was one filled with passion, grit and perseverance.

We built trust, collaborated, and created new business opportunities keeping a high standard of corporate governance every step of the way.
We are proud that VSH United has consistently succeeded in matching the wishes of customers, partners and shareholders throughout decades of despite facing economic and political challenges.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

Patrick Healy,
CEO VSH United
We give back
And do much more charity
For VSH UNITED, one of the largest Holding Companies in Suriname, giving back means carrying the responsibility to help build our society and our community. And, in our opinion, giving back is the most valuable thing our companies can de.

Our giving back focus is on sustainable community projects in
• education
• art
• environment and
• healthcare

The VSH Community Fund was established 19 August 2008 to commemorate the 50Th anniversary of the Group.
The Community Fund is financed by the VSH United Group of Companies.
Our vision for 2021
To achieve regional dominance through:
Professionalizing of our support services
Innovation in our business model
Regional market penetration
Revenue increase
2013: SRD 61,063,143
2017: SRD 125,214,325
Operating profit
2013: SRD 14,401,741
2017: SRD 24,060,469
Donations 2011-2018
Total donations 2011-2018: SRD 2,241,209
Annual Report
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