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Consolidated Industries Corporation (CIC) was founded in December 1964, and is part of the VSH United Group due to 60.40% of the shares in CIC.

Consolidated Industries Corporation manufactures a wide range of industrial and household detergents and plastic packing materials. The Company’s products command an important share of the local and regional market.

The products that we currently produce are labeled with the Brands: OZON, KLINOL and SUN and contain the following products: Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softeners, Dishwashing Liquids, Bleach, Cleaning cloths and scouring sponges, Toilet bowl cleaners, Disinfectants, Glass cleaners, Sanitizer Plastic packaging products.
Products & Services
Fabric Softener
Dishwashing liquids
Cleaning cloths and scouring sponges
Toilet bowl cleaners
Glass cleaners
Plastic packaging products
Consolidated Industries Corporation (CIC) Brands
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