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VSH INVESTMENT operates as a certified broker on the Suriname Stock Exchange since November 1997. Customers can buy and sell shares from listed companies on the Suriname Stock Exchange market. The Suriname Stock Exchange market consists of the following 12 listed companies.

Assuria N.V.
N.V. Consolidated Industries Corporation
De Surinaamsche Bank N.V.
N.V. Elgawa
Hakrinbank N.V.
N.V. Surinaamse Assurantie Maatschappij Self Reliance
Staatsolie Suriname N.V.
Surinaamse Brouwerij N.V.
N.V. Hotelmaatschappij Torarica
Varossieau Suriname N.V.
N.V. Verenigde Surinaamse Holdingmij

Our customers consists of businesses and individuals in Suriname and from abroad. We welcome our customers to invest and we assist in their decision making with regards to investments into the Surinamese market in order to get the best deals

Herewith the latest Stock exchange overview: see attachment

Interested call or email our broker: Stephanie Sjauw
+597-402558 EXT.:4289 ssjauw@vshunited.com
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