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01 January 2018
VSH United expanse business in Europe
VSH United, one of Suriname’s biggest Holding Companies, has been asked to hold shares in IFC Holding IFC, in the Netherlands. As per 1st of January, VSH United expanded their business to Europe, besides Suriname, Guyana and the United States of America.

IFC is a well-known company, headquarted in Moerdijk in the Netherlands and in the past 34 years successfully developed strong turnkey logistics services with a strong focus and presence in the Caribbean.

Patrick Healy, CEO of the VSH Holding: “We are greatly honored that this well know company chosed VSH as the shareholder for business optimization. IFC’s focus on service has been key to their success while offering logistic expertise and providing high-quality solutions. This acquisition will increase the footprint of VSH in Europe and will complement our existing VSH USA NVOCC operations, this in line with the VSH long term strategy. The VSH group will celebrate their 60th anniversary in 2018 and the combined long term company history is an excellent opportunity to augment our talent and resources.”

IFC’s founder Jan Burghoorn: “With this transaction, our clients are well-served by the strength of the VSH group’s capabilities and it ensures sustainable services for the future. The depth and breadth of The VSH resources, including access to a monetary and intellectual capital, will allow us to strengthen the services we offer to those organizations we have been serving for over 30 years.”

No personnel-changes are expected. Clients of both companies will benefit most from this step. With a broader pallet of resources customers will benefit from more choices and a wider network. .

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